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Educational trail

Educational use of the trail called “Ten Stops in the Region of Preveza”. The instructive trail makes the natural and aesthetically valuable parts of the Preveza┬┤s countryside around the Amvrakian Bay accessible. The trail leads through typical ecosystems. According to the project, there will be some boards installed here in the future, it means the boards through which visitors will be informed of the natural and landscape attractions. Due to the type of the region (impenetrable stages of macchia and private parks), a visitor may access the individual stops mostly through asphalted roads. However, there are some places the visitors can access on foot only.

Stop No. 1 “Quarry in Agios Thomas”
Stop No. 2 “Macchias, pastures, skrape fields” – Limestone hill with medieval fortress
Stop No. 3 “Park” in Agii Apostoli”
Stop No. 4 “Geological profile of the Sea Coast in Agii Apostoli”
Stop No. 5 “Amvrakian Bay and its Coastline in Agii Apostoli”
Stop No. 6 “Settlement of Neochori with the Natural Science Museum”
Stop No. 7 “Swamplands and Reed Areas”
Stop No. 8 “Nikopolis and its Neighbourhood”
Stop No. 9 “Forest vegetation of the Ionian Sea Coastline
Stop No. 10 “Ionian Sea and Beaches”

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