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History of the Museum

Idea of establishing a museum of natural science in Preveza appeared in 1992. In those times, the former Mayor of Preveza, Mr. Nikos Jannulis, provided the organization called Natura Opava (Czech Republic) with a former school building in Neochori in order to create natural science exhibition. Findings and pieces of information taken from the continuous science research were being concentrated right there; it means the research which has been conducted in Preveza Peninsula since 1988. The first nature science exhibition was opened there in 1995. The second exhibition was opened twenty years later, after reconstruction of the building. The first exhibition was established by a group of experts led by Mr. Milan Kubačka. The current exhibition has been created by a group of experts from Natura Opava led by Mr. Jakub Kubačka, son of Mr. Milan Kubačka. Works carried out on the nature science research involve experts from the Faculty of Nature Science in Palacký University in Olomouc with Professor Vítězslav Bičík, professional guarantor of Natura Opava. Works on the research also involve Faculty of Nature Science in Masaryk University in Brno. The Natural Science Museum is used for pupils of schools in Preveza as well as the general public. It is also visited by participants of annual camps of young scientists from the Czech Republic and Poland; it means the camps held in the base in the nearby village of Agii Apostoli. The Museum building is also used as a base for expeditions which are involved in the research. Since 2013, the Museum building has also been used as the base of the Agii Trias organisation dealing with culture and nature protection that cares of the exhibition and organizes regular meetings and events for local and regional communities.


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Museum Neochori

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Termopilon 19, Neochori
481 00 Preveza
The museum was established in cooperation of these organizations.